Linwood Metalworks, LLC

LInwood Metalworks custom metal fabrication in Linwood, MN just north of the Twin Cities of Minnepolis and St. Paul.Linwood Metalworks, LLC is a small metal fabrication and welding shop  that is open to all of your project ideas. Need a portion of your project done in something other than metal? No problem, we can do that. From metal-based furniture that fits your home or business perfectly, to a small welding job, or the restoration of your favorite family possession, we do it, and do it right. Linwood Metalworks, LLC constantly strives to take the art and capabilities of metal fabrication to the next level by combining the skills and tools that have been around since the beginning with the innovative machines, technology, and modern techniques of today. Your project will leave our shop as a simple, significant piece of work.

Located 45 minutes north of St. Paul, Linwood Metalworks, LLC is just a nice, short drive away from the city. Contact us to discuss your ideas and projects today!

Call Linwood Metalworks at:  (651) 263-8890 -Cody